• Believes in collaboration.
  • Believes that art has the ability to transform any space it inhabits.
  • Believes any art lover can be an art collector.
  • Believes art should be in every home.
  • Believes in supporting artists...

The artists we feature have bills to pay, just like everyone else. In 2016, it's exceptionally rare for an artist to support themselves on their studio practice exclusively. Contemporary artists are most often required to professionally diversify themselves and take on several gigs to make ends meet. At SFC, our goal is to develop a market based on what naturally comes out of our artist's studios. Every object/ edition we sell on SFC has a direct relationship with their creative practice. We believe in the way artists influence and shape culture and are dedicated to supporting them. We invite you to do the same.



    SEA FARM CITY is the latest incarnation of the ever-evolving collaborative partnership between artists Matt and Katie Allison. Past projects include Opaq Gallery (2007- 2009) an experimental arts space in Jacksonville, FL dedicated to large-scale and transformative installation work; MNK Studio (est. 2010) an award winning creative services company that merges contemporary art with set design and interior prop styling; and The Commissary (2013) a mobile marketplace created for the “Spectacular Subdivisions” exhibition in Wonder Valley, California.   

    Matt, Katie and Jaxon. Photo by Samuel Dylan Scharf 

    Matt, Katie and Jaxon. Photo by Samuel Dylan Scharf 


    "If you sit in a house with a piece of art that isn't changing your life, you ought to move or change your collection." - Robert Rauschenberg