Sea Farm City for Printed Matter's NYABF 2017

May 19, 2017

Sea Farm City's The Commissary pop-up shop for Spectacular Subdivision (Wonder Valley, CA 2014) 

Maria Rendon's Desert Notes and Justin Lowman's Barn Rays pictured here.

Sea Farm City works with installation artists, performance artists and sculptors to facilitate and produce limited edition artist books, zines, and other unique ephemera. Our goal is to develop a market from what naturally comes out of multimedia and sculptural practices which are often limited in collectability due to scale, time, and site sensitivity.

In addition to operating as an online gallery and shop, Sea Farm City is committed to maintaining a physical presence in the contemporary art world through our independent curatorial practice and participation in national art book fairs. Some of our past projects include The Commissary for Monte Vista Projects: Spectacular Subdivision (2014) in Wonder Valley, CA; Looking Local: A Library of Place (2016) at Antenna Gallery in New Orleans; and we were invited to table at Open Space PMF VIII (2017) in Baltimore, MD.

Hybrid Moments limited edition zine by Matt Allison and Matthew Usinowicz.

For Printed Matter's NY Art Book Fair 2017, we’ll exhibit limited edition artist books and zines that explore concepts and challenges within our artist’s larger practice and push the boundaries of traditional bookmaking. The works we exhibit deal with concepts of site specificity, memory, collaboration, labor and performance including: Justin Lowman’s Barn Rays, Matthew Usinowicz’s Extra Ties (both Artist Book and Zine), Corry Arnold’s Drawing The Line, Matt Allison’s (Comrades Leaving T.V. City), and Matt Allison and Matthew Usinowicz's Hybrid Moments (Zine)

Our New Releases for the NYABF 2017 will include SFC’s limited run zine of Corry Arnold’s Artist Book, Drawing The Line, and Denver-based queer performance artist, Jeff Page’s, Bowtie Book, which will be produced in limited edition by the artist.

Drawing the Line by Corry Arnold and Book Tie by Jeff Page

We invite you to explore the website for more work from our artists at the Sea Farm City shop here, and please click here to view our blog and past projects.